Transport and Logistic Sales Coordinator

Job Description:

• Responsible for initiating sales calls to prospective or current clients.
• Prospect for leads and perform heavy cold calling to build a pipeline of businesses.
• Oversee accounts daily to retain existing relationships.
• Responsible for price and service negotiation with customers and carriers.
• Responsible for creating sales goals to aid in achieving targets.
• Uphold rapport with clients and prospects.
• Nurture new sales leads to secure business.
• Responsible for offering quotes to current and prospective clients.
• Responsible for supervising shipments until delivery completed to guarantee smooth operations and customer satisfaction.
• Carry out research to identify companies not currently doing business with the organization.
• Build relationship and sell to clients through phone or one-on-one.


• Education: Bachelor’s degree to work in a logistics sales position.
• Knowledge: Transportation brokerage/sales experience, marketing multipart logistical solutions to a wide range of clients.
• Possess a strong track record for delivering successful sales experience in personal selling, telephone sales, and customer service.
• Knowledge of Tradeshow, LTL, and less than truckload; FTL – Full Truckload and Air Freight, as well as other supply chain management solutions.
• Computer skills: Solid skills with MS Office software; good experience with sales, customer relationship management, and other web-based software programs.
• Interpersonal skills: Sociable personality with knowhow at developing relationships.
• Communication skills: Applicants must be analytical and a problem solver with adequate skill set to handle stressful situations while putting the needs of the customer first.
• Candidate is required to handle very well time management and multitasking.

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Persistence : Sales Skills for the Workplace

Sales Skills for the Workplace
There are some retail sales skills that aren’t usually listed on a resume, but are still important for sales employees. Ensure you have these five skills to achieve success in sales.

The ability to persist in spite of rejections is vital for salespeople. Not everyone will say “no” directly — some will listen to your entire pitch and then politely decline. To be a good sales employee, you can’t take this personally either.

Keep in mind that rejection is just part of working in sales. Assume that you’ll receive many more rejections than sales, and learn to shrug them off without interpreting them as a reflection on your ability.

Keep in mind that rejection is just part of working in sales.