Account Manager

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Account Manager

Minimum 3 years experience in Account management (Logistic Industry)
Able to manage a portfolio of accounts to achieve long-term success.
Generate new business using existing and potential customer networks.
Ability to input, retrieve and analyse data.

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Software Skills : Sales Skills to Put on Your Resume

Sales Skills to Put on Your Resume
Although there are many types of sales jobs, certain sales skills are universal. These five sales job skills for your resume will be attractive to hiring managers, no matter the industry or company.

Use the job ad to find out which skills to list on your resume. Employers always list the skills and abilities they want in the job description.

Software Skills

Software skills are an important form of computer skills commonly used in sales. Nearly every company uses some form of software to conduct business and manage its records. Sales departments are no exception.

A balding salesman shows a car to a man and women in his showroom
Communication skills are vital in retail.
Clearly list all computer software packages you’re familiar with on your resume to demonstrate your knowledge and show that you can learn new programs.

Sales workers use their technical skills to track leads, conversions, and client communications with sales software. Sales employees must be comfortable using software like spreadsheets, databases, and word processing programs.