Kitchen Helper, Kitchen Staff, Kitchen Steward, Kitchen Crew

Kitchen Helper

Season and prepare food items for grilling
Grill requested food items in accordance with customers’ specifications and preset recipes
Manage portions of grilled food items and garnish them
Regulate temperature of broilers, grills, and roasters
Wash, cut and peel meats and vegetables before preparing them for cooking
Taste and evaluate food items before serving
Receive raw food items from suppliers
Ensure that all supplied items are of good quality and accurate quantity
Ensure refrigeration and rotation of food items
Label food items appropriately
Discard any expired or near expiry food items
Arrange prepared food items in an aesthetic manner
Check and recheck equipment temperature to ensure the accuracy of order
Maintain work area by cleaning and sanitizing constantly
Clean and disinfect grilling and broiling equipment after use
Ensure preventative and general maintenance of grilling equipment
Make sure that food items are appropriately thawed before using
Manage inventory of food supplies
Cool food items down to standard temperatures before serving.

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Patience : Sales Skills for the Workplace

Sales Skills for the Workplace
There are some retail sales skills that aren’t usually listed on a resume, but are still important for sales employees. Ensure you have these five skills to achieve success in sales.

Although “patience” isn’t a skill applicants generally list on a resume, it’s a quality you must have if you want to be successful in this industry.

Sales don’t always happen instantly. Sometimes they do, and those occasions are worth celebrating because they’re rare.

More often, a sale occurs after you’ve had repeated contact with a lead. Someone without patience might give up and stop trying to sell to certain people when they don’t achieve instant success.

If you’re a patient sales employee, you’ll earn more money throughout your career.