Inventory Male

Must have experience 0 to 1

– Must have excellent skills in inventory organization, receive and dispose, etc.

– Must have superior organization skills

– Must know MS Excel and other store software management

– Excellent skills in reporting to the management

– Excellent skills in communicating with the suppliers and vendors

Must have at least 0 to 1 years experience in maintaining and organizing materials, stocks, supplies in the store

Ability to interpret and follow oral and written instructions.

Ability to prepare and maintain stock records, reports and inventories.

Ability to perform basic arithmetic functions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Short Info

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Transportation and Logistics : Resume Keywords List

Resume Keywords List

Below is a list of common industry-specific keywords to use in a resume and cover letter.

Transportation and Logistics
1. Vehicle maintenance
2. Route planning
3. Commercial driver’s license (CDL)
4. Forklifts
5. Punctual
6. Vehicle inspections
7. Account retention
8. Interpersonal skills
9. Dump trucks
10. Teamwork.