Logistic Assistant

We have an opening in our company for Logistic assistant

Duties and responsibilities:
Monitor load boards for suitable loads and act to secure them.
Receive and dispatch orders for loading and unloading/deliveries.
Identify driver availability based on hours of service.
Prioritize loads according to urgency and importance.
Assign and dispatch drivers to appropriate loads and locations.
Provide Drivers with information about orders and requirements.
Monitor the status of trucks to ensure timeliness of loads.
Enter load data into schedule and maintain records of calls, activities and other information.

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Scatter Keywords throughout Your Resume and Cover Letter : How to Use Keywords in Your Resume

How to Use Keywords in Your Resume
ATS software is not always accurate. So when you’ve found the keywords to put on your resume, you need to include them clearly so that the ATS can read them.
Don’t: Embed resume keywords in images or use fancy fonts.
Do: Use standard fonts and avoid images in favor of plain text.


Scatter Keywords throughout Your Resume and Cover Letter
Repeating keywords in a resume is another great way to highlight important job skills.
For instance, if you’re writing a teacher resume, you might use the keyword “classroom management” in the skills section.
You can also repeat “classroom management” in your resume summary to illustrate how you applied this ability in a real-world situation.