Sales Associate Retail / Merchandising

• Assist the sales in-charge with the daily activities of the shop
• Attending and assisting customers
• Preparing Daily Sales Report
• Posting bills in the POS system
• Managing the cash till
• Reporting to shop in charge and accepting duties for the shop from the shop in-charge
• Preparing and Management of Job Vouchers
• Inventory control – Monitoring stock levels in the store and assuring proper channels of inventory movement to and from the shop
• Merchandising and Displaying Products in retail store and/or in client outlets.
• Delivering and checking items for delivery at client’s premises and/or our warehouses.
• Conducting physical stock count
• Accepting goods from warehouse and corresponding with warehouse for re-ordering of products
• Maintaining cleanliness of the store and the stock.
Preferred :-
Graduate in any discipline.
Experience in Sales – Retail (2-5 years).
Willing to relocate anywhere within UAE.

Short Info

  • Published:3 years ago
  • Compnay:Private Company
  • Location:Dubai,UAE
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Persistence : Sales Skills for the Workplace

Sales Skills for the Workplace
There are some retail sales skills that aren’t usually listed on a resume, but are still important for sales employees. Ensure you have these five skills to achieve success in sales.

The ability to persist in spite of rejections is vital for salespeople. Not everyone will say “no” directly — some will listen to your entire pitch and then politely decline. To be a good sales employee, you can’t take this personally either.

Keep in mind that rejection is just part of working in sales. Assume that you’ll receive many more rejections than sales, and learn to shrug them off without interpreting them as a reflection on your ability.

Keep in mind that rejection is just part of working in sales.