HR and Admin Officer

Bachelor Degree or equivalent, Three years’ experience in a similar position. Good knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and MS application. Excellent knowledge of English. Salary: AED 5,000 all inclusive. Industry: Iron/Steel. Career: Mid Career. Experience: 5 – 7 Years. Job Type: Full Time. Gender: Male.

Short Info

  • Published:3 years ago
  • Compnay:Al Nasser Holdings LLC
  • Location:Abu Dhabi,UAE
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Interpersonal skills :Sales Skills for the Workplace

Sales Skills for the Workplace
There are some retail sales skills that aren’t usually listed on a resume, but are still important for sales employees. Ensure you have these five skills to achieve success in sales.


Interpersonal skills
Sales jobs require a lot of human interaction, whether it’s face-to-face, online, or over the phone.

If you’re naturally outgoing and and have good interpersonal skills, you’ll excel at sales.

There’s nothing wrong with being introverted, but introversion isn’t the best quality in a sales employee.

If continually meeting and talking with strangers drains your energy, or if you find yourself regularly stumbling over your words or accidentally making the person you’re speaking with feel uncomfortable, sales might not be the best line of work for you