Female Sales Executive

Macon is looking for dynamic candidates for the position of a Female Sales Executive on Husband/Parent visa. Candidate must be based in UAE, preferable staying in bur Dubai area, with a minimum of 1-3 years of experience in sales. Must have confidence to achieve monthly sales target, generate leads and having strong communications skills.
• Regular phone calls, meetings and strong follow up with existing and potential clients.
• Fix-up daily meetings on regular basis and meeting with potential and existing clients.
• Communicating with the existing accounts to increase or maintain the level of business activity or revenue.
• Contributing to the team performance by working towards agreed set targets; and by sharing and implementing best practices in sales.
• Developing and maintaining database in spreadsheet of new contacts, and updating the same on daily basis and submitting to the management.
• Must have excellent communication skills and have ability to communicate effectively and explain the products or services through the phone calls or personal meeting to clients.
• Should be goal orientated, target driven, self-motivated, organized and a sociable individual.
• Educational requirements: Graduation and higher preferably.

Short Info

  • Published:6 years ago
  • Company:Private Company
  • Location:Dubai,UAE

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