Tower Crane Operator

• Licensed from Dubai to work on any kind of crane (Luffing or horizontal)
• Aware of all the safety measures on handling the equipment
• Weigh materials to determine load weight and ensure compliance with lifting specifications
• Move levers, depress buttons and foot pedals to operate and control the speed/direction of crane movement
• Conduct inspection of crane mechanism and lifting components to ensure parts are in working order
• Liaise with helpers and ground workers who provide direction assistance through radio communication or hand signals
• Inspect cables and grappling assembly to identify wear and facilitate replacement
• Clean, lubricate, and maintain the moving parts of a crane such as the cables, pulley or grappling mechanism
• Load or unload shipment of heavy duty machinery or material from trucks
• Inspect bundles or shipment to ensure conformance to company regulations or customer requirements
• Signal and direct truck drivers to properly back vehicles into loading or unloading bay
• Move, lift, and position equipment, machinery or heavy materials with the aid of hook, bucket or electromagnet
• Direct helpers to place blocks and outriggers to prevent capsizing when lifting heavy materials
• Move levers and pedals to rotate crane on chassis or raise or lower crane boom/load line
• Work within set standards of accuracy and precision.

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Information Technology (IT) : Resume Keywords List

Resume Keywords List

Below is a list of common industry-specific keywords to use in a resume and cover letter.

Information Technology (IT)
1. Visual Basic
2. WordPress
3. Agile project management
4. Scrum
5. Market analysis
6. Data mining
7. Data protection
8. OmniGraffle
9. iOS
10. Back-end programming.