Head Accountant

Head Accountant, with minimum 5 years GCC experience (preferably with experience in a trading business), required for a trading company in Dubai.


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  • Published:9 years ago
  • Compnay:Lobster Overseas
  • Location:Dubai,UAE
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Use a Standard Resume Font : How to Use Keywords in Your Resume

How to Use Keywords in Your Resume
ATS software is not always accurate. So when you’ve found the keywords to put on your resume, you need to include them clearly so that the ATS can read them.
Don’t: Embed resume keywords in images or use fancy fonts.
Do: Use standard fonts and avoid images in favor of plain text.


Use a Standard Resume Font
Pick a standard font for your resume? When the ATS scans your application, it can only read resume keywords if they’re written using common fonts.
Fonts like Calibri, Cambria, and Georgia come preinstalled on most computers. Also be sure to avoid uncommon fonts — particularly ones downloaded from the internet.