Instrumentation Technician

A scales and weighing equipment company located in Dubai International City require a professional instrumentation technicians. Must have 4 years prior UAE or gulf experience. to handle related installation and delivery of weighing scales.
Dynamic, hardworking, self-starter and able to work and perform alone.
Fluent in English, computer literate, good communication skills. Computers and IT technical knowledge will be advantage.
Should be a UAE Driving License holder with excellent knowledge of UAE roads.
This job opening is only available for applicants available within UAE. Applicants that outside UAE should not apply.


Short Info

  • Published:9 years ago
  • Compnay:Anonymous
  • Location:Dubai,UAE
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Dishonest Keywords : Resume Keyword Practices to Avoid

Resume Keyword Practices to Avoid
We’ve established that using resume keywords throughout your application boosts your chances of a human hiring manager seeing it.
However, be careful not to overdo it.
Packing your resume full of keywords is almost as bad as not including any at all.
Don’t forget that a real person will (hopefully) see your resume at some point. So use natural language that engages that person.
Make sure you balance hard skills vs soft skills on your resume to show you’re a rounded candidate.
Otherwise, they’ll think you’re either a bad writer — which indicates your communication skills aren’t good — or assume you’re trying to beat the ATS, making you seem dishonest.


Dishonest Keywords
It’s tempting to simply include all of the keywords you see in a job posting on your resume to maximize your chances of getting past the ATS.
But hiring managers are going to be suspicious if they see a resume that’s too perfect.
And even if you make it through to the interview, expect to be pressed with some tough questions about your skills.
Stick to the abilities and qualifications you actually have. Adding skills you lack will waste everyone’s time.