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2-3 years work experience in the same field . preferably Filipino Nationality

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  • Published:11 years ago
  • Company:Anonymous
  • Location:Abu Dhabi,UAE

It is time to proceed abroad for job

It is the dream of more than 70% young people to go abroad and find the suitable job there. There are many reasons behind this trend. Some of these are discussed in the following lines. The major reason is that in most of countries opportunities of jobs is reducing. This situation cause to generate the intensive competition between the applicants in the country. On the other hand the salaries are not increasing with the rate with which prices of commodities are increasing. This imbalance of income and expenses is making life hard to live.

Furthermore, the opportunities in developed countries are increasing which attracts the people from all parts of the world. They also offer good salaries. These are the major attraction for the workers and skilled people to go abroad and work there for earning the handsome income. Taking in view the above discussion it is right to consider the job abroad seriously.