Team Leader of Riser System

The Role of a Team Leader of Riser System are to contribute to the overall strategy development and long-term planning of the technology department, he will be required to perform the design and analysis of a flexible riser essential responsibilities. Minimum MSc degree in a related engineering subject such as Naval Architecture, Offshore Engineering, Mechanics, Mechanical, Civil, Structural.

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  • Published:8 years ago
  • Compnay:Burgeon Oilfield
  • Location:Dubai,UAE
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Law and Legal : Resume Keywords List

Resume Keywords List

Below is a list of common industry-specific keywords to use in a resume and cover letter.

Law and Legal
1. Contract drafting
2. Public defender
3. Tort law
4. Litigation software
5. Typing
6. Interview techniques
7. Intellectual property
8. Filing
9. Negotiation
10. LexisNexis.