Description: Candidates must have at least 3 years experienced in the same field in Gulf area. Expose in hospital and high-rise building projects will be an added advantage. Must have diploma in 3 years completed.
The influence of information technology to find the dream job
There is no need to mention here that it is the age of information technology. Reason is that internet and information technology get penetrated so deep in all fields of our life that all the people now able to understand the importance of these technologies in their field. The best display of influence of these technologies is in the field of job search. In recent past people have to physically visit the companies and governmental institutions to hunt the dream job. For this purpose they have to suffer a lot.
But with the advent of internet and information people not have to visit the employers personally. They just have to place their CVs through online job portals in almost all parts of the world. And the employer could select the most appropriate person without calling the person physically. In this way both the parties are benefiting with the help of active and marvelous participation of information technology.
  • Company:  Confidential
  • Posted:  18-09-2014
  • Location:  Dubai,UAE

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AssetLink Asia

A technology-industry veteran laid the foundations of Asset Link Global. The goal was to widen the access to the exclusive capabilities of a very low-cost Asia satellite asset tracking, monitoring, and intelligent sensor networks to a broader community of users. AssetLink Global believes that its technology could save lives, or help small and medium-sized companies compete on a larger stage creating jobs and prosperity. AssetLink Global strives to make this possible, and in bringing this capability to a wider audience has made some meaningful impact on the world. AssetLink Asia, partners of AssetLink Global in Pakistan, brings this vantage advantage through a culmination of many experiences and a collective wisdom attuned to this business. AssetLink offers several products and packages to meet your needs. All incorporate three basic components: Field Hardwa... Read More...