Description: We are looking for a Male Driver (Pref. Indian / Pakistani) with Valid UAE Driving License. Could read and Speak English and Arabic (little) for our Abu Dhabi Office.
  • Company:  Platinum Motor Vehicle Registration Services
  • Posted:  14-10-2013
  • Location:  Abu Dhabi,UAE

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The Company has been in business since 1978 and has grown to become a highly respected utility services provider to Abu Dhabi authorities. This dynamic development of the Group has facilitated aggressive forward momentum in many areas, capitalizing on solid growth opportunities, improving operational efficiency and sharpening our business portfolio's focus on Infrastructure projects related to the Groups’ water, wastewater, power and transport activities through TAMAS: Projects; Operation & Maintenance; Construction; Engineering Supplies and Technical Services, Group of Companies. Throughout our 34-year history, we have always strived to strike the right balance and blend of local knowledge with international expertise in all of our business activities in our pursuit of total quality to the entire satisfaction of the Client. Our activities are in the fiel... Read More...