Description: Florist, Filipino/ Indian, with 3 years experience, required for a flower shop in Sharjah.

  • Company: Alhadiah Events and Weddings
  • Posted: 13-07-2014
  • Location:  Sharjah,UAE

How to apply?

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Company Info:

Prisma Space Frame LLC

PRISMA Space Frame LLC exists for more than 21 years in Dubai/UAE. Among its vast history the company has developed a quality management system, for better satisfaction of the needs of its clients and to improve the management system of the company. The purpose of this prequalification document is to highlights the company’s vast experience quality, workmanship and perfection in the execution of contracted jobs Projected Business Activities The scope of the company activities covers the Management of design, fabrication and Installation for the various structures listed below: 1) Metal space frames. 2) Roof and wall claddings. 3) Skylights and sun shading structures. 4) Frameless glazing and tension cable structures for façades . 5) Architectural Glazed stainless steel furniture. 6) Stainless steel mesh features 7) Decorative perforated panels T... Read More...