Description: Civil Engineers, male (design and Site), Architect and Draftsman Required. for a consulting and contracting office in Ras Al Khaimah.

  • Company: Anonymous
  • Posted: 19-06-2014
  • Location:  Ras Al Khaimah,UAE

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Orion Holdings

At Orion, our essential aim is to satisfy each and every one in our business portfolio. In order to provide the highest level of service, we assert our expertise and professional integrity by maintaining open and straightforward communication with our business partners and clients. As experts in the field, we feel it is our duty to fulfill the expectations of our clients without conflicts of interest. We have designed a whole new structure of service provision. This includes innovative management practices, systematic marketing, effective PR and smooth communication that guarantee our clients knowledgeable and personalized service through the entire sales process. Every project that we handle is dealt by reliable experts who possess excellent local knowledge, professional project development skills, related banking, legal and notary information. I want to ... Read More...