Description: Sales Coordinator
Exp : 2-5 Years
Notice Period : Immediate
Female Preferred
As Sales Coordinators have to support in-house sales force by setting appointments, ensuring that salespeople have sufficient supply of samples, brochures and other sales material, sends materials as needed for trade shows, and collaborate with other departments
Roles and Responsibilities
1. Provide Office Support with other department
2. Manage Distribution of Sales Materials – Has to maintain an inventory of sales materials and supplies, such as brochures, promotional items and product samples, and ensure that adequate inventory of these materials is on-hand. They will place orders for these materials as needed.
3. Collaborate with Other Departments
Skills Required
1. Creating schedules for sales teams
2. Maintaining inventory of sales materials
3. Understanding sales contracts
4. Tracking sales leads & Customer orders
5. Arranging sales meetings
6. Coordinating interdepartmental materials
Other Skills Required
1. Analytical & Problem solver who can meet deadlines.
2. Strong Organizational, Verbal & written communication skills
3. Multitasking & Excellent customer service.
  • Company:  Confidential
  • Posted:  13-03-2018
  • Location:  Sharjah,UAE

How to apply?

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