Description: LPG Bottling Plant Supervisor is required an UAE Oil & Gaz government Sector
•Required candidates shall be Currently Exist in UAE
To monitor day to day LPG operations, ensuring effective stock control, dispatching products to customers and directing operations, as required, in a safe and efficient manner as per standard operating procedures and in line with strategic priorities and goal.
• Handling Shift Operations of production in LPG bottling plant – Bottling of LPG cylinders by Kosan carousel, Quality testing of filled cylinders and Safety in bottling operations.
• Distribution of bottled cylinders as per the market demand and uniform utilization of fleets.
• Receipt & Storage of Bulk LPG – Tankers decantation and Storage in LPG Bullets, Periodical reconciliation and Bulk LPG Stock gain/loss maintenance.
• Management of inventories viz., Bulk LPG, Cylinders, Valves, Regulators and consumables viz., PVC seal, PVC caps, etc., and periodical reconciliation. Maintaining
• Periodical cycle count of materials, thereby ascertaining the availability of materials, LPG and consumables for bottling as per requirement.
  • Company:  Confidential
  • Posted:  12-01-2018
  • Location:  Dubai,UAE

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