Description: Job Duties and Tasks
Provide construction support for landscaping prospects, proposals, permit submittals, as well as ongoing construct ability support for all phases of the project
Direct administration of construction personnel for ongoing construction projects
Develops construction execution plan for projects and proposals which minimizes cost and duration of construction activities.
Monitors, evaluates, and report performance of assigned construction projects to management
Provides recommendations regarding project staff assignments/ teams
Acts as liaison between offices for all construction related matters.
Advise on corrective action for discipline problems or poor performance within projects.
Enforces and interprets department policies, standards, and procedures.
Adheres to safety and quality standards as applicable to duties and accountabilities
Performs field review and inspection of assigned projects and improvement plans submitted to the client for approval.
Coordinates and assists in the preparation of contract documents, permitting, agreements, and related documentation
Assists, participates, and coordinates public meetings, contractor meeting, consultant meetings, and other meetings related to functional area and project under charge.
Supervises Project managers to ensure the project timetables, goals, and deadlines are met in an efficient and satisfactory manner.
Revise construction cost estimates.
Administers contracts, attends pre-construction conferences, reviews subcontractor pay requests and oversees construction operations
Masters in Relevant Area
GCC Experience is Must minimum 5 years.
  • Company:  Confidential
  • Posted:  12-01-2018
  • Location:  Abu Dhabi,UAE

How to apply?

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