Description: We are looking to hire a Visual Merchandiser who will be responsible in planning the store display and creating visual merchandising plans for our retail and university bookstore branches. Candidate should possess a minimum 7 years of proven experience as a Visual Merchandiser and should have a strong demonstrable visual design skills portfolio. Proficiency in both English written and verbal communication is a requirement and knowledge of current visual merchandising trends particularly for the products that we sell is an added advantage.
Define, design and implement a creative visual merchandising strategy in order to increase sales and buyer attention.
Produce design ideas for displays and developing floor plans across all retail store and university bookstore locations
Prepare a visual merchandising pack to send to other stores, so that all stores have the same company look and feel by ensuring the uniformity of displays
Produce window displays, signs, interior displays, floor plans and special promotions displays
Create appealing and eye-catching merchandise displays that will lead the customer through the entire store
Act in alignment to the organization’s culture, products, image and target market
Monitor costs and work within budget
Draw designs and plan by hand or computer
Liaise visual merchandising plan with store managers and staff and provide regular feedback to the Head Office Management Team, Retail Merchandisers, Marketing and Buying Team to make sure each and every store has the right visual impact.
Decide on how to use space and lighting creatively
Make best use of the store’s space and layout
Create visual merchandising packs to send to each store location.
Source and set up display materials and arrange screens, signages and posters
Ensure that prices and other required details can be seen on displays
Train the customer service associates on how the product items should be displayed
Take down old displays and update all as required depending on existing seasonal themes and promotions.
  • Company:  Magrudy's
  • Posted:  11-01-2018
  • Location:  Dubai,UAE

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