Description: Required Sales Executive Outdoor / Engineering Sales Executive / Metals Sales Executive for sale of Metal Products;  Brass Fasteners and Fittings of all types;;

Brass Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Inserts, Bush Brass Sanitary and Plumbing Fittings, hose, elbow, tee, reducers, Bush Brass Hardware, Hinges, stoppers, locks, Nails, Rivets Brass Art Wares of any required design Brass  Electrical Fittings, Nuts Bolts, Screws,
Brass Battery Terminals. Any custom made Brass Components.

  • Company:  Exact Metal Trading Est.
  • Posted:  21-04-2014
  • Location:  Dubai,UAE

How to apply?

E-mail you resume (with photo and passport copy) to:

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