Description: Required for a Contracting Company in Abu Dhabi * Senior Architect - Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Engineering. - Minimum 10 years experience in Architectural Design in Consultancy in the UAE. - Fluent in English and Arabic.
  • Company: Confidential
  • Posted: 30-09-2016
  • Location:  Abu Dhabi,UAE

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Email cv at:

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Founded in 1996, OTAL is a family owned trading company that has always put the client’s interest first since day one. With its roots in Dubai, OTAL did not limit itself to the UAE market but rather invested in building up a trading base and network across the Gulf and the Middle East. With a passion for innovation and quality, we ensure the availability of the latest construction, automotive and environment friendly recycling technologies to our customers. In all areas of our business – sales, technical, operational and administrative – we strive to achieve excellence. We pride ourselves on bringing outstanding results to everything we do. We embrace change, flexibility and adaptation in a rapidly evolving world. We work to anticipate these changes, and help clients and employees adapt before they happen. Our main aim is to introduce the latest tech... Read More...