Description: For a 5-star Hotel in Doha Interview will be held in Dubai on 8th and 9th October. HOSTESS - QAR 1,500 Mode of Application:
  • Company:  Confidential
  • Posted:  29-09-2015
  • Location:  Doha,Qatar

How to apply?

Email your CV with a photograph to:

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Company Info:

Matcon Testing Laboratory

MATCON Laboratory was established in a multi-disciplinary third party Independent Engineering testing firm specialized in geotechnical Investigation and Material Testing with a wide range of testing services. The goal of the Company is to provide best Quality Services to our Clients at all levels, which includes Property Owners, Consultants, Contractors, Public Authorities such as Ministries and Municipalities, Oil and Gas Industries, Manufacturing Industries, Marine etc. in UAE and neighboring Gulf Countries. Matcon Laboratory provides Civil Engineering, Scientific Consulting, and Construction Material testing services to its Clients. Our vision and mission is to provide consistent Quality services which meet the requirements of our Clients. Matcon Laboratory is headed by highly professionally and qualified personnel and is staffed with a strong Man... Read More...