Description: Required for G+4 contracting company in Dubai: 1) Civil Engineer 2) Security and Safety Officer 3) Supervisor with 5 to 7 years UAE experience and driving license.
  • Company: Confidential
  • Posted: 03-08-2015
  • Location:  Dubai,UAE

How to apply?

Email CV to:

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Company Info:

Horizon Survey Company (FZC)

With their headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, Horizon Geosciences have successfully purchased their fifth offshore soil investigation system from A.P. van den Berg. Seeking to expand their wire-line capabilities to deeper waters, Horizon Geosciences decided to purchase the WISON-APB-1000 for the purpose of analyzing the seabed’s geotechnical condition. The WISON-APB-1000 is used for cone penetration tests and soil sampling at water depths up to 1000m. Horizon Geosciences already own: a ROSON system (a seabed frame with a wheel drive system to perform CPT’s and take samples up to 1500 m water depth) a HYSON top pusher that is mounted on a platform for near shore soil investigations two WISON-APB-Classic systems (a wire-line system to perform CPT’s and take samples in combination with geotechnical drilling up to 550 m water depth) SURVEY SER... Read More...