Description: We are looking for Heavy bus Indian Drivers with minimum 3 years UAE experience. We need very urgent basis

* Candidate should hold the UAE driving License NO: 6 (Heavy Bus License)
* Candidate Should be aware of All routes in UAE especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi
* Candidate Should be aware of rules and regulations of UAE roads
* Candidate can handle languages English, Hindi and Arabic
* Preference for Indian Nationality.
  • Company: Hasco Passenger Transport LLC
  • Posted: 25-02-2015
  • Location:  Dubai,UAE

How to apply?

Email to

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Company Info:

Marina Engineering Equipment (M.E.E.)

Marina Engineering Equipment (MEE) belongs to the Dirgham Group of Companies, which was established in the emirate of Abu Dhabi since 1982. MEE was established with a view to serve the Oil and Gas industries in Abu Dhabi and also other industries in the UAE. The group is a privately held Abu Dhabi based company with a 100% UAE national ownership. MEE has entered into strategic business relationship with leading International Manufacturing Companies to market and service their products in the UAE. At MEE, it is our constant endeavor to achieve high standards in all our activities by supplying quality products that satisfy customer needs, deliver them whenever and wherever needed and constantly seek to exceed the expectations. Our motto is to provide a value added service to all our customers. The operation at MEE is supported by qualified engineers working... Read More...