Description: Required Warehouse Manager and Accountant, any nationality preferred, with good working experience.

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  • Company:  Tetra Gulf
  • Posted:  25-12-2014
  • Location:  Abu Dhabi,UAE

How to apply?

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Company Info:

GEA GRADE Grasso Adearest

GRADE is a Joint Venture which started in 2006 in the Middle East, established by GRASSO International (a GEA Group AG company from the Netherlands) and ADEAREST (a contracting and consultancy firm from the UAE). GRADE is active in contracting and equipment supply for industrial refrigeration and provides genuine solutions for any refrigeration application, for example: > Food Processing > Multi-Purpose Cold Stores > (Pre-) Cooling and Freezing Systems > Beverage Industry > Slaughterhouses (Meat and Poultry) > Block Ice Plants > Dairy and Ice Cream Factories > Fish processing plants > Ice rinks & snow domes > Concrete Cooling > Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processes We design, engineer, install and maintain innovative refrigeration components and systems for our customers for whom Industrial Refrigeration is an essential part of their pr... Read More...