Description: Need Outdoor Sales male and female with good relation with restaurants and coffee shops owners.
  • Company: Anonymous
  • Posted: 03-12-2013
  • Location:  Dubai,UAE

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Company Info:

Libel Dubai L.L.C.

Libel was established in 1995 in Beirut, Lebanon. Since its incorporation Libel has seen a tremendous growth within its home market as well as within the region. In order to better service its markets and projects under contract Libel has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and strategic partnerships in other GCC countries. Libel currently employs more than 200 people. Libel is a specialized turnkey supplier that offers and installs a wide range of standard and custom designed sun control solutions. Solutions that fully utilize the advantages of natural light while limiting the undesirable effects of the sun such as heat, glare and reflections. Libel’s dedication to, and specialization in sun control solutions in combination with unconditional concern for quality and customer satisfaction has made it one of the most valuable, independent... Read More...