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The Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre is a humanitarian organization, which provides quality education and therapy services to children with Special Needs. Inaugurated in 1994, the Centre aims to ensure that international standards of excellence in education and therapy are maintained at every level. The Centre is unique in the Emirates for providing a holistic multi disciplinary approach to special education. Each child receives a programme specially designed to meet his or her individual needs. Parents are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the Centre's functioning and to be actively involved in their child's learning.
The Rashid Centre aims to provide high quality, integrated education services and therapies for children with special needs. The center's purpose is to develop children's abilities to function and learn within their environments, that is, home, school, and community, and to develop maximum independence and participation in these environments.
Our aim is to deliver services that set high standards and expectations for children with special needs residing in the UAE, and to develop awareness and an understanding of disability issues in the Gulf Community.
Rashid Center for the Disabled offers you the best greetings and wishes you well. We take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation for your sincere efforts, continuous support, your devotion to lend a helping hand, and your hasten to good deeds, in support of our students with disabilities studying at the center.
The centre has established “Corporate Marketing Unit" in order to communicate with the local community of institutions, companies as well as local and federal departments, in order to encourage them to lend a helping hand and donate to this humanitarian edifice, in order to develop its divisions and classes, upgrading its services and therapeutic programs, training and qualification, noting that the center serves about 300 students in morning and afternoon shifts.
For the sake of transparency with the local community, and for organizing the efforts, and so as not to disturb you with many messages carried by your delegates, thank you for coordinating and cooperating with the Corporate Marketing Unit, which also organizes, in the event of your desire, your visit to the centre and the receipt of your generous support. The Corporate Marketing Unit shall also make suggestions to you like the equipping of the classroom, or the installments, equipment, or stationery of the poor and needy students, etc. Your sadaqa and Zakat shall also be made through this unit.
Your support is clear evidence of nobility, and the deep and firm desire in helping us to shape a brighter future for our students with disabilities.
May God guide you to do that which is good in this world and the hereafter.
Rashid Center for the Disabled is characterized by the multiplicity of its activities throughout the year ranging from visits and receptions, organizing forums and workshops, to participating in events and activities related to the disabled, and charitable and humanitarian work in general. The center receives an enthusiastic reception and praise by the organizers. The media in its various sections are usually invited to cover these events, or at least promote it in the media via press releases issued by the center. Those events are often publicized by a privileged media coverage and are a place of praise by the community, which contributes to the deployment of community awareness of the centre’s message, its activities and events that make the center an all year round buzzing beehive.
The Centre has 20 classes in the Learning Difficulties section, with children ranging from infants to 18 years. The classes are divided according to language of instruction, with half the classes being taught in Arabic and the other half in English. The Centre offers programs for children who have moderate - severe learning difficulties. This can also include children who also have physical disabilities, although in general they need to have some form of independent mobility, with a walking aid of some kind. Children join classes according to their age and the type of program they require.
The Centre offers holistic programs, working on all areas of the child's development. This includes cognitive development, language and communication, self-care skills, socialisation and play, and gross and fine motor skills. Class sizes are small to allow for intensive, focuses teaching. The therapists work with individual children and groups, as well as working co-operatively with the teachers, to ensure the children are given every opportunity to develop skills in all areas. Preference is given to practical, experiential learning, to ensure tasks are meaningful and motivating to children. All classes are able to make use of the facilities in the Centre, such as the soft playroom, the sports hall and swimming pool,the library, the kitchen, and the music and art rooms. The outside area is landscaped, with play equipment and sitting areas.
Classes have between 6 and 10 students, with a teacher and a classroom assistant. All the teachers at the Centre hold a recognised qualification in Special Education. All classes have access to specialist Music Therapy and Art.
United Arab Emirates - Dubai - Al Barsha, phone: +971-4-3400005, fax: +971-4-3402662,


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